"The Houses of Francis Bacon"


The Houses of Francis Bacon Poster



Performance Details

A concept music performance devised and produced by Nicholas Peters, performed by Transgression (Peters/Rothnie/Rowland/Summers) plus guests.

In celebration of the 450th anniversary of the birth this year of the famous philosopher and thinker Sir Francis Bacon, this production takes inspiration from his book, “New Atlantis”. Written in 1626 the book describes his ideal state, his Utopia – a new world full of human discovery and knowledge. He classifies different organisations under the headings of various “Houses”.

The performance investigates three such “Houses” combining the influences and lateral connections between the life of this original Francis Bacon and those of two other namesakes - one being an artist (1909-1992) and the other, an engineer (1904-1992).

Special Thanks to: The Estate of Francis Bacon